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Catholic Health Care Growth A Benefit, Not A Threat, Ethicist Says

A research paper that depicts the growth of Catholic health care as a threat to reproductive health ignores the attraction of Catholic hospitals and downplays the ethical concerns about procedures like abortion and sterilization, one commentator has said. The number of hospitals that are...

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The Brothers Of Charity Are Clear: No Euthanasia Is Possible In Our Hospitals

Br. René Stockman says it clearly: the path to euthanasia is not viable for a Catholic hospital. After a board of trustees decision to allow euthanasia in Belgian hospitals sponsored by the Brothers of Charity, the community’s general superior spoke with CNA about the issues at stake, and the...

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Pro-Life Groups To Senate Dems: Don't Eliminate Hyde Amendment

After a Democratic senator boasted on Wednesday that his party’s Medicare bill would repeal the Hyde Amendment, pro-life groups are pushing back, stressing that the longstanding policy has saved lives. “This month marks the 41st anniversary of the Hyde Amendment and in that time it has been...

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Decision Time On DACA

President Donald Trump’s decision on Sept. 5 to rescind the 2012 policy known as DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, has started a six-month countdown. During that time, Congress can enact legislation that would either provide legal status for the 800,000 immigrant youths...

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She Wanted To Be Euthanized – But Changed Her Mind After Meeting Pope Francis

Consuelo del Socorro Córdoba is a Colombian woman who had made up her mind to be euthanized because of the serious illnesses caused by an acid attack she suffered in 2001. But after meeting Pope Francis on Sept. 9 during his trip to the Colombia, she gave up her intention to end her life. The...

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This Baker's Supreme Court Case Could Set Tone Of Religious Liberty In US

A Colorado baker’s fight to maintain his freedom of expression could be the most influential religious freedom decisions of the US Supreme Court in years, as the court considers the case this term. “There is far more at stake in this case than simply whether Jack Phillips must bake a cake,” the...


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NY Court Unanimously Rejects Assisted Suicide In Major Pro-Life Victory

New York’s highest court upheld the state’s ban on assisted suicide Thursday, in what Catholic leaders have called an important pro-life victory for the state. The New York State Court of Appeals ruled unanimously Sept. 7 to uphold the state’s law which bans physicians from providing life-ending...

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Judge Temporarily Blocks Texas' 'dismemberment Abortion' Ban

A federal judge on Thursday temporarily blocked part of a Texas law that bans dilation-and-evacuation abortions in the second trimester. “While some pro-lifers may be tempted to despair at today’s ruling, this is the first step in a longer and consequential legal battle over this dynamic and...

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Bishop Tobin: Ending DACA Shatters Lives. So Does Abortion.

Many Americans are justifiably outraged at the lives that will be shattered by the cancellation of DACA – but that same sentiment should extend to the unborn lives cut short by abortion, said Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, R.I. In a Sept. 5 Facebook post entitled “Other Children Have...

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Statement On President Donald J. Trump’s Decision To End The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program

I am deeply disappointed by President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. I speak as a pastor not a politician. I cannot address the constitutional or political questions raised by this program. But as a pastor I think we need to clearly...

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This Health Center For The Uninsured Used To Be An Abortion Clinic

Prayer. Sacrifice. Friendship. Charity. Could one Virginia community’s work to put basic Gospel tenets into action be a model for the future of the pro-life movement? “I think it is a turn from desperation to great hope and transformative hope going forward,” Art Bennett, president and CEO of...

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The Pro-Life Movement’s Role In The Fight Against Racism

Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more. (Luke 12:48) There is a certain worldview that goes hand in hand with being pro-life: a worldview of recognizing and respecting human dignity, being willing to stand up...

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South Carolina Governor Ends Funding Of Abortion Clinics

In an executive order issued Aug. 25, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster directed state agencies to stop funding abortion clinics including Planned Parenthood. “There are a variety of agencies, clinics, and medical entities in South Carolina that receive taxpayer funding to offer important...

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Why Hasn't The Trump Administration Dropped The HHS Mandate?

Lawyers for the Little Sisters of the Poor said it’s time for the Trump administration to admit that the Obama-era contraception mandate is unconstitutional and provide the sisters relief. “I think we’re in a moment of truth and reconciliation here,” Becket executive director Montse Alvarado told...

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Chilean Court Sidesteps Constitution, Paves Way For Legal Abortion

A Chilean court ruled this week in favor of a controversial bill that allows abortion in some cases, against the objections of pro-life advocates who pointed to the Constitution’s explicit protections for the unborn. The bill allows for abortion in cases of rape, danger to the mother’s life, and...