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Overcoming Our Fear Of ‘Otherness’

To the many millions across the world who know and love someone with Down syndrome, Iceland’s 100 percent elimination rate for babies diagnosed in-utero with the condition is a tragic statistic. It also brings up a puzzling question: How is it that people so endearing could find themselves so...

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Why Young Men Delay Marriage

For young men, living at home and putting off marriage and family into their late 20s or early 30s is the new American normal, and it’s often attributed to stagnant wages and uncertainty in the job market. And yet, all of us know young men in their late 20s who do work good jobs and yet come...

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The Inviolable Dignity Of All Human Beings

This year the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops once again celebrated the Fortnight for Freedom, hoping to focus our attention on a sad fact: people of faith are finding it harder and harder to participate freely in the public square. Whether baking wedding cakes, caring for the sick...

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What The President Can Learn From The Pope

The cordial meeting between Pope Francis and President Donald Trump in Rome in late May included the traditional exchange of gifts. Trump gave the pontiff a boxed set of books written by Martin Luther King, an American icon that the pope often quotes. In return the pope gave the president a...

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The Perfect Gift Of Adoption

Motherhood is very much on our minds in the month of May — both the divine motherhood of Mary and the more prosaic version the rest of us experience. It is gladdening to honor the love of mothers — sacrificial, faithful and enduring — qualities that all our other loves should share.  But for...

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There’s A Place For Everything, Including Spandex

Father Juan Carlos, pastor of our parish, is a devout and reverent priest, careful of the sacred spaces entrusted to him. He reminds us constantly that Jesus himself is present in the tabernacle and in the monstrance. He chides us for our talkativeness in church and the way we rush through our...


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Beyond Malevolent Sexism

Equal work for equal pay has been the law of the land for many years. In the United States, if a man and woman each perform the same job with the same results and accrue the same advantages to their employer, the law decrees (rightfully) they should receive the same compensation. Yet, women as a...

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A Complex Moral Calculus

People who live in the real world know that, when it comes to issues of justice and ethics, we don’t all fit neatly into slots. This is especially true about complicated ones, and ones that speak to the intimate and deeply personal parts of our lives. Abortion is one of those issues, of course....

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After Fidel

If you grew up, like me, a Cuban-American after the revolution, you grew up waiting for the time “despues de Fidel” or after Fidel. After some years of waiting, this turned into waiting for the moment “cuando se muera Fidel,” or after the death of Fidel. In that magical time, sons and daughters...

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The Catholic Vote And The Middle Of The Road

The country woke up in turmoil on Wednesday after an election season that can only be characterized as crazy. The idiosyncratic Mr. Trump, a man who has never held elected office and whose policy positions are very recently arrived at, was handed a decisive victory, along...

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‘What Happens In America Has Repercussions All Over The World’

The attention of the citizens of the United States is gripped, understandably, by the upcoming elections and all the implications of a Clinton or Trump presidency. Our religious freedom, economic prosperity and countless other considerations hang in the balance. But it’s not just Americans who...

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The Truth About Pot

You may have noticed, especially if you have teenagers in the house, that physical health has become an obsession for today’s youths? Health clubs are full of young people jogging energetically and pumping iron, drinking protein concoctions or vegetable mixtures in strange shades of green. Every...

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American Catholicism

Recently my daughter’s third-grade teacher decided it would be fun and educational to highlight the tremendous diversity of her classroom. There are 26 children in the bright and cheerful room, and almost all of them are from somewhere else.  She found there were 12 countries represented...

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‘Amoris Laetitia’: Strong Families Are The Bedrock Of Society

Recently we celebrated El Dia de la Hispanidad, or the Day of Hispanicity at my children’s parochial school. All but a handful of the children and teachers in the school are Latino. It was celebrated, of course, with a Mass and the third-graders made up the choir, dressed in costumes typical of...