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Planting seeds

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Planting seeds is an act of faith and hope - and an act of love.

Planting seeds is an act of faith because the sower does not bring forth the fruit of the seed.

The sower merely plants, and nurtures with faith, the life within the seed - trusting the sprouting to God’s grace.

We cannot make the seed sprout. We cannot make the life spring from within the shell of the seed, but have faith that God has placed that potential of life within that space.

Faith rests in the promise of that life in potentiality. The sower plants in faith that life will sprout forth into actuality.

Planting seeds is an act of hope because it looks to the future. The sower looks towards the blessings that will spring forth from this act. Seeds are planted in hope of reaping the blessings of a harvest for the nourishment and sustenance of the creatures of Creation according to the promise of God. (Genesis 1:29)

Planting seeds is an act of love because it is about life. It is caring for the good of the other. The sower plants to feed children, families, communities, towns, nations - all creatures, man and beast.

In love, one waters and weeds, shelters and protects, so that new life comes forth and the harvest is bountiful. (John 10:10)

Faith, Hope and Love 

The greatest of these is love - for it is love in action that unites the efforts of planting, nurturing and growing to the will of God for the benefit of life. Our love for our brothers and sisters mirrors Christ’s love for us. (John 15:12)

So too with evangelization.

We are called to plant seeds - to take action in spreading the Good News. (Matthew 28:29-30)

Have faith that some seeds will land in good soil, not be choked by weeds or become scorched - that God will, in His own time, cause seeds to open up to the promise of the life within, sprout and grow to maturity according to His will. (Matthew 13:1-9)

We plant in hope that souls are saved, that the truth of the Gospel is known, embraced and lived, and the promise of eternal life comes to fruition.

We plant to feed our brothers and sisters. (Matthew 25:35-36)

We plant in love, for the Lord reveals Himself to us in love - and we are to love one another as He has loved us. We love because he has loved, and He continues to love. (1 John 4:7-9)

We plant in love that through the fruits we may nourish future generations. Planting just one seed offers the possibility of infinite harvests reaching the entire whole world.

After all - how many apples are in an apple seed? 

Evangelizers plant seeds for Him who is love itself.

We are His hands - doing His work in the world.

The Lord is the true sower. (Matthew 13:37)

He is always in search of laborers. (Luke 10:2)

 See 1 Corinthians 13:1-13